Monday Morning Quarterbackin’ The Super Bowl Ads

Here’s to all the hard work that goes into creating a Super Bowl spot and the balls it takes to pay $5 million or more to put it out there. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they all had their merits and I get goosebumps thinking about the creative energy that went into every single one. The process of creating is hard, it’s painful, it’s stressful and it’s amazing.

That said, here’s my Monday Morning review of some of Super Bowl Sunday’s most noteworthy:

1. SodaStream’s “Banned from the Super Bowl” Ad

Ok, this never actually aired during the game but this underdog made more than a splash with their direct attack on major Super Bowl sponsors Coke and Pepsi. Claiming to have been banned for that fact, they were able to generate a social media firestorm worth nearly 3.5 million views on YouTube for, well, the cost of making the ad. A PR play to consider adding to your playbook.


2.Dodge Ram’s Farmer Ad

Playing with raw emotion, Chrysler Jeep Dodge showed up with this elegant (but not original) spot featuring a speech given by radio broadcaster Paul Harvey at the Future Farmers of America convention in 1978 played over beautiful images of rural America to incredibly powerful effect. The commercial is in fact, a remake of a YouTube video created in 2011 by According to this post on the Slate, is working with Chrysler to raise money for the Future Farmers of America.


3.Kia’s Space Babies Ad

This one was pure fun and the favorite of both my kids. I know my 8 year old didn’t get it but I think my 10 year old caught on… The fun visuals matched the clever writing of this witty ad.


4.Go Daddy’s Sloppy Smooch Ad

My favorite part about this ad was watching the social medias (yes, I said social medias) light up with basically one of two reactions: disgust or righteous indignation. Good for you GoDaddy for staying true to your brand.


5.Go Daddy’s Sky Waitress Ad

This one only served to remind me of all the domains I’ve registered (and continue to pay for) in the hopes that one day, I too will be able to speak those four magic words, “More everything sky waitress!”


6.Samsung Mobile Pitch Ad

Bob Odenkirk steals the show (he usually does) as a fast-talking advertising executive. This self-aware parody was one of the smartest ads to air this year as it entertained us while reinforcing the speed of the technology – so fast, it might as well be real time.


7.Best Buy’s Asking Amy Ad

Best Buy addresses their “showrooming” problem head-on with this fun spot featuring the very funny Amy Poehler. This one’s a winner with me because it entertains us while reinforcing the strengths of the brand which are the stores and the blue shirted employees who are willing to answer any question you may have.


8.Oreo’s Blackout Ad


Like the SodaStream ad, this one never aired. In fact, it wasn’t even a commercial. It was a Twitter ad that Oreo’s agency 360i launched within minutes of the lights going out in the Superdome. [Read how they did it] This ad represents the future of advertising folks. Way to go OREO for showing us how it’s done!

Well there you have it. My Monday morning recap of my most memorable ads. Which ads stood out to you? Good or bad?

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