Creative Acceptance

Creativity, I believe to some extent is a universal trait to all living things. After all, what is evolution if not creative solutions for the survival of a species? Now, I’m not looking to open a discussion on evolutionary biology. Instead, I’m asking you to accept that creativity is a natural phenomena that exists within us and occurs all around us.

This idea of acceptance is critical to every article I write on this website. Let me explain:

The creative process is often seen as some arcane or alchemic operation – a sort of magic that only an enlightened few of us can access. You may have told yourself at some point in your career that you simply aren’t creative (I certainly have). You marvel at how people such as inventors and writers come up with their ideas and how they always seem to fit just right. And even when idea doesn’t fit just right you may marvel at how fantastically bad the idea seems, and yet you wonder, where did they get that crazy idea? Abraham Lincoln vs vampires or zombies? I love it!

Ideas come from people. They come from you. They come from Bob in accounting. Just because you work in a “creative” field doesn’t make you any more creative than Bob. You may do creative work more often than Bob, but you have no idea what Bob does in his spare time. Maybe Bob creates his own microbrews in his garage. Maybe he’s writing a book on how to turn a home microbrewing hobby into a profitable business. Maybe you are Bob, and you don’t consider microbrewing a creative endeavor. Send me some of that beer and let me be the judge of that!

Ok, so everyone’s creative. How does this help me improve my creative output?

The keyword is acceptance. By accepting you have the capacity to generate amazingly creative ideas and by accepting others are just as capable, you have just reframed the way you will approach your next ideation or brainstorming session. Your setup, your questions, your conversation will change entirely. You will treat EVERYONE in the room with an equal amount of respect. They will feel it and respond to it. Others will too. Participant or facilitator, it doesn’t matter what your role is, you will have a positive effect on the entire process by making this one simple change to your point of view. Do it now.

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