Exercising Your Creativity

The creative spark. It’s what everyone is looking for as it provides an engine for projects and people to reach their potential. No creative spark and many things become like a template: predictable Continue Reading

The Magic Of Sentences

The magic of creativity, ideas, and innovation, like all magic is illusory in the eyes of those who don't study the craft. Perhaps counterintuitively, understanding how an idea is born does not make Continue Reading

Seth Godin Is Lying To Himself And So Should You

It's no secret: Seth Godin tells himself lies... ...So does Mark Levy... ...and yes, I admit, so do I. The truth is, if you want to add a very powerful construct to your creative toolkit you Continue Reading

New American Airlines identity won’t change how we feel about flying

I've caught some of the buzz from people weighing in on American Airlines new identity. As I was about to put on my creative director hat and add to the noise, I was struck by the fact that I really Continue Reading

Irreverence And The Art Of Throwing Monkey Poo

Let's face it. No matter how well you prepare to lead a group through an ideation process, sometimes they just run out of steam. Maybe the problem is too complex or too undefined. Maybe people are Continue Reading