Write your novel in November

It's almost time again for one of my favorite creative constructs: National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWriMo! You have an idea for a novel that's been tickling a spot in the back of your creative Continue Reading

Exercising Your Creativity

The creative spark. It’s what everyone is looking for as it provides an engine for projects and people to reach their potential. No creative spark and many things become like a template: predictable Continue Reading

Bound to remember

Filling notebooks with sketches, photographs and words, I discover the way I record something affects how I remember it. There must be something to the notion of sitting on a rock in quiet Continue Reading

Monday Morning Quarterbackin’ The Super Bowl Ads

Here's to all the hard work that goes into creating a Super Bowl spot and the balls it takes to pay $5 million or more to put it out there. Love 'em or hate 'em, they all had their merits and I get Continue Reading

Seth Godin Is Lying To Himself And So Should You

It's no secret: Seth Godin tells himself lies... ...So does Mark Levy... ...and yes, I admit, so do I. The truth is, if you want to add a very powerful construct to your creative toolkit you Continue Reading